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Jamon Mok

Backstreet Academy

Jamon is the founder of Backstreet Academy, a peer-to-peer impact travel platform tailored for developing countries, where people at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) who cannot speak English or access smartphones are empowered to become micro-entrepreneurs hosting tourists, showcasing their tradition and heritage while making 2-3 times additional income to move themselves out of poverty. They are able to do so via its technology of using local language call/SMS notifications coupled with a hyperlocal on-demand community translator system, allowing them to handle bookings with just a feature phone. This access results in exclusive experiences such as insect cooking workshops, fishing with Mekong fishermen and even bamboo bow crafting with master archers. 

Over 1,200 unique travel experiences are available on Backstreet Academy in more than 8 countries and 40 cities. Backstreet Academy has been featured on Forbes, National Geographic, BBC Travel and is funded by Booking.com's sustainable travel accelerator - The Booking Booster Program.