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Will Phillipson

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
SilverRail Technologies

Formerly SilverRail’s Chief Product Officer and CIO, Will is now responsible for SilverRail’s Commercial, Product, Engineering, and Operations teams, ensuring greater focus and alignment between our customer needs and product delivery. In 2015, SilverRail powered over 1bn rail searches and 25M transactions globally, and today is working with some of the largest travel brands in the world, including: Expedia, Deutsche Bahn, National Rail Enquiries, Concur and Kayak, among others.

Prior to co-founding the company, Will was the Product Strategy and technical head for distribution platforms at ITA Software, where he was involved in its GDS initiative which led to a 30% reduction in distribution costs for US air carriers.  He also worked for National Leisure Group (NLG), where he oversaw the development of NLG’s dynamic packaging system –a vertically integrated vacation product – which powered online travel agency Orbitz through its IPO.