WIT 2017 Bootcamp    •       Oct 23            •     Raffles City Convention Centre, Stamford Ballroom, Level 4

WIT 2017 Conference    •    Oct 24 & 25    •    Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Heliconia Ballroom, Level 3

The 13th WIT. The beginning of a new cycle.

With a new cycle, a new reality. But what is the new reality? Is it one that’s ruled by AI? EQ? Data? Cloud? Chatbots? Voice? Mobile? Gen Z? Scale?

In a world of fake news and social media bubbles, it is hard to tell truth from lies, fact from fiction, statistics from insights, information from knowledge, marketing from manipulation, friends from foes.

One thing remains constant – travel is the unifier of humanity. Powered by smart technology, it wields great power to restore balance to a divided world.

We’re at a tipping point on all fronts, politically, economically, socially and environmentally. Travel and Technology combined, like Yin and Yang, can create better travel and make the world a better place.

The more we make it easier and more enjoyable for people to travel, the more we spread the messages of Openness, Diversity, Creativity, Love and Respect – the five values we will celebrate at this year’s WIT.

  • Open minds, open world, open platforms.
  • Diversity in workforce, diversity in humanity, diversity in experiences.
  • Creativity in thought, creativity in marketing, products and services.
  • Building things with love, treating customers and staff with love.
  • Respect for communities and environment.

Better Technology. Better Experiences. Better Businesses. Better People. Better Travel.

At WIT, we will unite intellect, technology and creativity to create Better Travel for customers.

We will take on what’s new, blend it with what’s exciting in ideas and inspiration from around the world, and create a concoction of real insights you can act upon to get better at what you do.  

We will gather industry leaders with thought-provoking ideas, tech innovators creating better products, new players with disruptive notions and stand-out individuals building things with love and respect.

In this 13th year of WIT, the beginning of a new cycle, we will celebrate the innovativeness and humanity of travel like never before.

Come join us create Better Travel in 2017. The world needs you.

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