We are happy to welcome our sponsors and are extremely happy that companies from all over the world want to keep up with the times and understand that we are at a turning point on all fronts, political, economic, social, and environmental.

We express our gratitude to the following:

Malone Dirubbo & Company, PC

Malone Dirubbo & Company, PC provides its clients with auditing, accounting, tax, management, and computer consulting services. The firm has four partners, all of whom have earned the certified public accountant designation, and professional and administrative firm members from our offices. The team is committed to a quality, client, and community service culture.

The quality of attest services performed by a professional firm, such as Malone Dirubbo & Company, PC, is principally dependent upon the qualifications and capabilities of its professional staff.

Keystone Financial Group

Keystone Financial Group is a team of comprehensive financial advisors helping people secure a better financial future. When you work with the company, you begin a relationship with a financial planning team that provides the highest degrees of professionalism and personalized care. Keystone Financial Group understands a comprehensive financial plan involves a long-term relationship, and the company is here to provide the knowledge you need to plan for your future.

Keystone Financial Group helps you clarify your optimal financial future and create a plan accordingly.

BMT Insurance

BMT Insurance committed staff pride themselves on providing professional service and customizing an insurance package to satisfy your particular needs.

As part of the company's service to you, it does an annual policy review to ensure you have the best available product, program, and price. Its commitment continues in the unfortunate event of a claim. Acting as your advocate, BMT Insurance's staff stands behind you to make sure your claim is processed fairly and quickly.

Leasing Device Group

Leasing Device Group aims to be the best option for acquiring cutting-edge technology through disruptive business models. The world is changing, the needs of companies are changing, and they are adapting and offering flexible and useful solutions.

Leasing Device Group maintains relationships with a select financial institution group, allowing them to offer the best product for every requirement. In turn, technology integration is necessary to create functional ecosystems inside and outside organizations, the best brands in the market support the Leasing Device Group.

Benigno Promotora

Benigno Promotora was founded in 2015. With the aim of bringing clients closer to their dreams, always with transparency, flexibility, and ethics, they launched their payroll lending operations.

Over time, with the growing demand for credit, as well as striving to serve clients from all segments, Benigno Promotora has implemented a wide variety of personal credit lines for individuals, insurance companies, and consortiums. And much is yet to come, including for companies.

24/7 Business Finance

24/7 Business Finance specializes in business finance and loans in the UK to support small to medium-sized businesses. It provides reliable financial solutions, from unsecured business loans to merchant cash advances. You can avail of your business loan in no time.

At the bank, they believe that financial services in the future will be delivered by customer-oriented companies that embed financing within other product suites, so meanwhile, we're here to get the green light. 24/7 Business Finance is a fair and square provider of business loans for small business owners. Its mission is to support small businesses across the UK to get a business loan from its top lenders for working capital or improvements, including renovations, technology and staffing, business acquisitions, real estate purchases, marketing, promotional activities, and more.