Takafumi Maruyama photo website.jpeg

Takafumi Maruyama
Director, Overseas Ecommerce & Marketing Group

Japan Airlines

  • Director of Overseas e-Commerce & Marketing since 2008 (12 language, 26 regional sites) growth of 150% in sales for the past 10 years.
  • Head of e-Commerce Alliance and Joint Business with oneworld, American Airlines, British Airways and Finnair.
  • Experience in Japan Airline e-Commerce fields of Analytic, JALPAK(Japan Airlines tour subsidiary company) online package and dynamic package tours, Ancillary and Mobile.
  • Solution specialty in Ancillary, Affinity, Payment Solutions and Distribution.
  • 25 yeas working for Japan Airlines in the field of Passenger Service, Sales and e-Commerce both within and outside of Japan.
  • Contributing to the success of Japan Airlines e-Commerce of daily uu of 500 thousand,  monthly pv of 200 million, Daily sales of 1 billion Yen (≒ 9 million USD) .